2013 Cellulaze News & Events

Brighten your mood with exercise

It can be hard to find the motivation to throw on your workout gear and head to the gym, but what if a bit of exercise could lift your spirits?

Motivational speaker and life coach Gabrielle Bernstein recently revealed to Shape magazine that

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Can these leggings reduce your cellulite?

It might seem crazy to drop $200 on a pair of leggings, but what if it could eliminate your cellulite? 

According to ABC News, the British fitness-apparel company Proskins has designed leggings that have the Midas touch. Made with

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Which exercises blast cellulite?

Eliminating the appearance of your orange-peel skin might seem like a fantasy, but it can be a reality with the right moves. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, whose clients include Madonna and Gywneth Paltrow, recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that

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Learn Jessica Simpson's anti-cellulite trick

Jessica Simpson has been looking so slender and fit lately that it's hard to believe she gave birth just five months ago. While the pop star has certainly been shedding the pounds quickly, she recently told ABC News that she's taking a relaxed

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Jada Pinkett Smith embraces her bikini body

Jada Pinkett Smith bared smooth curves and cellulite-free skin this week while romping through the waves on a Hawaiian beach in a tiny, zebra-printed bikini. The 42-year-old actress frequently posts gorgeous bikini shots on her personal Instagram account,

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